Safety-TV: a flexible solution for organising training on safety and health at work

Safety-Tv offers an easy to use and flexible solution for organsiing traings on safety and health at work. The training courses are based on high impact videos and depict realistic work situations. The pricing of the training courses allows you to buy the number of credits that best fits the training needs of your organisation. The catalogue of training courses shows a wide variety of topics covering the whole range of occupational afety and health subjects. 


High impact video courses...   ... for a personal training offer

-  based on realistic situations
-  a variety of work environments: offices, industry, warehouses, ...
- focusing on good practices but also demonstrating the consequences of bad practice
- animations provide an insight into
more complex processes
- text and images offer a powerful combination in ciommunicating what really matters


Safety-TV allows you to compile a training that fits the need of an individual employee. You decide on the topics that go with the tasks and the job of every individual. 

Once you have completed the subscription, the employee receives a personal invitation to the course. He/she can start, stop and resume the course at his or her convenience. At the end of the course an interative quiz puts the trainee to the test. Upon completion the trainee receives a certificate.


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